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Traveling is one of my passions, but since the birth of my son last year, I don’t get to pursue it as much as I used to. Sigh … However, it doesn’t stop me from reminiscing about my past adventures, which leads me to the subject of this post.


Although Europe never disappoints, I must admit that one of my favorite vacations was when I visited Peru in April 2011. My husband and I spent 10 ten days traveling around Lima, Cusco, and Machu Picchu. While we were impressed with Lima’s old world charm and Cusco’s beautiful architecture, the highlight of the trip was the lost city of the Incas, Machu Picchu. I’ll be honest – it’s not the easiest destination to reach (we were lazy and took the train up there rather than hike the three day Inca Trail), but is it worthwhile! Unfortunately, there was a lot of rain the day we visited, so it was tough to get clear pictures, but I was able to get a few before the overcast skies set in for the day.


One of the most surprising things about Peru was how wonderful the food was. Ceviche actually originated in that country, so the seafood was incredible. Although the local delicacies consist of Alpaca and Guinea Pig, I am not that adventurous, so stuck to ordering my staples of fish, chicken, and beef.


Peru may be off the beaten path for some, but if you’re considering taking a trip of a lifetime, namely in South America, I highly recommend Peru for your next destination!


A llama (Lama Glama) in front of the Machu Pic...

A llama (Lama Glama) in front of the Machu Picchu archeological site, Peru. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Parliament/Detail of central part of ...

English: Parliament/Detail of central part of Congreso in Lima, Peru. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Breaking for Bulldogs

392140_2450350691065_448920405_nAs you can see from my “About the Blogger” page, I am quite fond of my bulldog, Henry. For years, my (now) husband and I talked about getting a dog and finally agreed to do it after our wedding. After only three weeks of being married, we started actively looking (would have been sooner, but the honeymoon got in the way, lol). Initially, we had agreed on a Lab or Golden Retriever, but we kept seeing English Bulldogs either on TV or in our neighborhood and we were smitten with the breed. Their wrinkly faces, funny gates, and wild mix of snorts and grunts, made us fall in love quickly.

Bulldogs unfortunately have fairly short life spans (8-10 years) and are known for a multitude of health issues, so we proceeded with caution. After finding a local breeder who had a litter almost ready, we agreed to “just take a look” (famous last words, right?). It took us all of five minutes to find our perfect bully boy, Henry.

Raising a puppy at eight weeks was quite the experience – extremely challenging and rewarding at the same time. There were times when I came home crying, not understanding how such a small dog could cause such a huge mess! But, we forged through it, and now can’t imagine life without our furry beast.

We’ve been lucky with his health – a few minor skin issues, but no major breathing problems, allergies, or skin infections (all of which the breed is prone to having). He’s thick as thieves with our son, J.P., and this is why I break for bulldogs!

Henry at eight weeks

Henry at eight weeks

Henry with his best buddy from daycare, Baxter

Henry with his best buddy from daycare, Baxter

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What’s in a name, anyway?

Carlo's Bake Shop, which is the setting for th...

Carlo’s Bake Shop, which is the setting for the reality television show Cake Boss, is now a local tourist attraction. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am pretty new to Hoboken and still exploring this side of the Hudson River. I moved here from NYC in October (just in time for Hurricane Sandy, yay!) and still struggle with saying “I live in New Jersey.” Plus, who wants to say they live in a place called “Hoboken?” Any self-respecting New Yorker will forever judge you for leaving their great city for the Garden State.

Ok, so now that I have that off my chest, I have to admit that Hoboken is a very fun city. “City” may be stretching it, given that its population is just over 50,000, but it still maintains an urban feel and provides easy access to Manhattan. Plus, I can still get my dry cleaning and dog food delivered, which is a godsend!

In addition, Hoboken is the home of baseball (the first organized baseball game was played here in 1846), Frank Sinatra, and the Cake Boss himself, Buddy Valastro. The beautiful views of New York are a very nice perk as well.

Next time you’re in NYC, I highly recommend taking a trip to Hoboken. Once you get over the fact that you’ve crossed state borders (and in the middle of a river, no less), you’ll see why so many former New Yorkers have decided to make NJ home.

English: Midtown Manhattan, as seen from Frank...

English: Midtown Manhattan, as seen from Frank Sinatra Park in Hoboken, New Jersey. Category:Empire State Building Category:New York City skylines from Hoboken, New Jersey Category:Frank Sinatra Park Category:Hudson River (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sinatra Idol Contest

Sinatra Idol Contest

Come see if you have what it takes to be the next “Old Blue Eyes”

Just a little more charming than the shores of the Hudson River

Can anyone name the river that runs through this great city? As much as I love the view of the New York skyline, I wouldn’t mind seeing this every day 🙂


Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to Hudson River Musings! This is my first post and I am excited to develop a lifestyle blog about living on the Hudson River. This will be a learning experience and I look forward to sharing a part of my life with you. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions as I navigate the exciting world of blogging. Thanks for stopping by 🙂