Living it up Inca Style


Traveling is one of my passions, but since the birth of my son last year, I don’t get to pursue it as much as I used to. Sigh … However, it doesn’t stop me from reminiscing about my past adventures, which leads me to the subject of this post.


Although Europe never disappoints, I must admit that one of my favorite vacations was when I visited Peru in April 2011. My husband and I spent 10 ten days traveling around Lima, Cusco, and Machu Picchu. While we were impressed with Lima’s old world charm and Cusco’s beautiful architecture, the highlight of the trip was the lost city of the Incas, Machu Picchu. I’ll be honest – it’s not the easiest destination to reach (we were lazy and took the train up there rather than hike the three day Inca Trail), but is it worthwhile! Unfortunately, there was a lot of rain the day we visited, so it was tough to get clear pictures, but I was able to get a few before the overcast skies set in for the day.


One of the most surprising things about Peru was how wonderful the food was. Ceviche actually originated in that country, so the seafood was incredible. Although the local delicacies consist of Alpaca and Guinea Pig, I am not that adventurous, so stuck to ordering my staples of fish, chicken, and beef.


Peru may be off the beaten path for some, but if you’re considering taking a trip of a lifetime, namely in South America, I highly recommend Peru for your next destination!


A llama (Lama Glama) in front of the Machu Pic...

A llama (Lama Glama) in front of the Machu Picchu archeological site, Peru. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Parliament/Detail of central part of ...

English: Parliament/Detail of central part of Congreso in Lima, Peru. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Just a little more charming than the shores of the Hudson River

Can anyone name the river that runs through this great city? As much as I love the view of the New York skyline, I wouldn’t mind seeing this every day 🙂